Fantasy Art Photography

Lifted - an original work of fantasy art photography by Paul Holland

‘Lifted’, an example of bespoke Fantasy Art Photography by Paul Holland

Fantasy Art Photography – unique digital art

Last year I was asked by an art gallery to exhibit some of my portrait photographs. I didn’t want to simply take images that were on the walls of my studio and use them in the exhibition so I did something a little different. I blended unique digital art with some of the professional portrait images I had already created to produce fantasy art photography that was entirely different to what I had done before.

The result was my ‘Reimagined…’ exhibition which ran throughout the whole of October. ‘Lifted’ is one of the images that featured in the exhibition. You can see some examples from the exhibition on the web site. The images were well-received and people asked me if I would create fantasy art photographs for them too.

Here’s an example of a fantasy art photo for an adult, based on a fairy theme, that I was commissioned to create after the exhibition. I wanted to achieve a sad, almost mournful look for this image and so the fairy I have created is lying on the ground. I produced the ‘Fallen Fairy’ image by first taking a portrait photo at the studio and then I added all of the detail to produce the idea I had in my mind for the final result.

Sad Fairy - unique fantasy art photography by Paul Holland

‘Fallen Fairy’

Another of the images from the exhibition was ‘Enchanted’ which combined my original studio portrait photograph with digital art. The background was created for the image and I made the small fairy’s pose mirror that of the young girl’s.

An original fantasy art photo by Paul Holland

‘Enchanted’, one of the original fantasy art photographs from the ‘Reimagined…’ exhibition.

The fantasy art photo below started off as two separate photographs. The theme I had been asked for in this commission was fairies again and I merged the two photos together, digitally adding the reflection, the light, wings, shadows and other details later.

Woodland Glade Fairy - an original fantasy art photo by Paul Holland

‘Woodland Glade Fairy’

One of the things I love about fantasy art photography is that the only limit is imagination. All of the images shown above started as photographs that I had originally taken in the studio. I then blended digital art and other photographs with them to create the finished piece of art.

Once I know what type of look or theme someone wants I can start to imagine how the finished digital artwork will look and I can then take a photograph which will act as the basis for the entire image.

If you would like your own fantasy art photoshoot, please contact the studio to discuss your requirements with us. Whether it’s for a child or adult, the result is a unique piece of artwork to treasure for years to come.

If you are ready to go ahead and book a fantasy art photo session you can buy the session here and then contact the studio later to arrange a date and time for your photo shoot.

From fairies and knights, to steam punk, cosplay, gothic and vampire, just call the studio, tell us the type of look you’re thinking of and let us work our magic!