Fairy Art Photography

Fairy art image of girl dressed as a fairy, blowing fairy dust

01. Magic fairy dust – fairy art by Paul Holland

Fairy art by Paul Holland

I thought I would start off the New Year by sharing some of the images from recent fairy art photo shoots. The images here are from shoots which all took place in the studio late last year. I do a lot of fairy art photography and it has an appeal that spans the generations. The minimum age for our fairy portraits is four years and there is no maximum age. We get as many bookings for teens and adults as we do for young children.

A fairy portrait studio shoot

We ask anyone having a fairy photo shoot to bring clothing suitable for fairy portraits and then their session starts with high quality photographs taken in the studio. The fairy art I create is unique so no two images are ever the same. Using a variety of backgrounds, props and professional lighting, the basis for enhancing the photos is created.

Image showing a fairy art portrait

02. Every fairy art photo is unique

The emphasis for the studio session is for a fun and unique experience where our fairies are the ‘stars of the show’. The entire session is about them and they are welcome to bring changes of clothing and any suitable accessories for their photo shoot.

Adding the digital art work

Within a week or two of the photo shoot ending, I add digital art work to each image. This takes a while to complete but I think the results are worth it. I tailor the theme and the art work to suit the person being photographed. I create each image from scratch and there is no automation to the process so the result is a unique, stunning piece of art in it’s own right.

Fairy art image of young girl holding a lantern.

03. Each fairy art portrait is tailored to the individual person.

While the lighting, background, accessories (props) and digital art work combine to help create art work appropriate for each person, I don’t know how the image will look until I start the process. This means my clients don’t know what the final images will look like either! I love seeing people’s reactions when they first see the images I have created for them. I often get comments like the one below and it’s a privilege to create art that has such an effect:

When we were invited back to see the finished images, we were amazed at what Paul had created, he turned my daughter into a beautiful fairy…we both had a tear in our eye.

You can see more examples of my work on the web site. If you know someone that would like their own fairy art portrait session, you can buy this as a gift. Vouchers for all of our photo shoots are available on our Offers page.