We can design and create
your wedding album for you

If your wedding photographs were supplied digitally, do you know where they are?

If you are like many people, your answer may be 'on USB'...or on disc, computer hard drive,  Facebook account, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, smartphone, the cloud,...you name it. While digital photography has made it easier to capture and share memories, the images remain digital... stored neatly in folders, numbered, date-stamped and tagged but... increasingly forgotten. The photos you have in today's storage media may not be accessible in the future. CDs and DVDs are recent examples of this, with many new devices not having a disc drive.

Could you stand to lose the photos of your wedding day?

Printing a quality album of your wedding photos not only provides a secure home for your precious images, it gives you something that can be shared. When did you last look at your wedding photos and reminisce about your wedding day?

Using your digital images, we can design and create a beautiful wedding album for you. One that will hold your favourite images (and memories) of your day.

Here's how it works:

- Choose the images you want in your album

- Next, choose the size, cover material and type of album you want

- We design your album using your digital images

- You can review the design before your album is created if you want to

- Sit back and wait for your beautiful album to arrive.

There's no charge for the design, and our high quality, gorgeous wedding albums start from £225.00.

We can create albums and photobooks for any event so why not get your child's first year or that special birthday celebration printed too?

Contact the studio and we can provide help and guidance or see our Offers page. You will be unwrapping your album before you know it!